Content Management and Custom Development

The information displayed on websites is not always created by an author writing copy that is uploaded directly to the page. Over the years, all kinds of apps have been developed to generate, retrieve and categorize information from different sources onto website pages.

Most websites today use some type of content management system (CMS) to provide flexibility in how you enter your information, making it easy to create copy with no coding knowledge. That content can then be automatically placed into your pages in a way that is consistent with the page style and layout.

Those systems usually also provide third party plugins or modules that allow you to work with specific types of content, such as a blog, frequently-asked-questions, ads, etc. Footprint can work with you to choose an appropriate platform for your site, and select and recommend any needed plugins / modules.

There are also situations where you have a body of information in a proprietary format that needs to be portrayed (or collected) on a web page. In those instances, it may require custom database and module development to manage that information. Footprint has created dozens of custom modules under these kind of circumstances, and we’re prepared to meet your needs when they arise.

Footprint Custom Development

  • Custom database development
  • Custom modules to display, collect or manage custom data
  • Identify and recommend quality third party extensions when appropriate
  • Thorough training on the use of custom information management tools

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Just What You Need

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