The Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance

Have you ever visited a website and then realize the content was last updated in 2004? Does that inspire confidence in the information? Without frequently updated content, you are less likely to rank in search engine results, much less rank highly in visitor satisfaction.

At Footprint, we realize that curating website content can be a time consuming task which you or your employees may have a hard time fitting into your schedule. By implementing simple reviews of your website at regular intervals, we can encourage you to provide us with updated copy, evolving information, or fresh data to be added or replaced on your pages. This can easily be worked into the routine of auditing your website for optimization issues.

Footprint can help maintain your website by:

  • Updating information about products and services offered
  • Inputting news or blog articles
  • Removing outdated content
  • Posting time-sensitive announcements
  • Restructuring existing information in response to analysis results
  • Reviewing and updating contact information

A frequently updated website is more useful to your users

Get Some Help

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Enlist Footprint to help with your website maintenance. Send us your questions below.