What is UX in Web Design?

Although the term is very broad and applies to many areas outside of web design, good User Experience (UX) is a useful and essential design standard to constantly aspire to when creating or improving a website. Websites have multiple stakeholders each contributing to the criteria forming the user’s experience: marketing departments have specific goals, there are branding goals, customer usability targets, and stakeholders in the appeal of the visual design. All these must be balanced to provide a positive and welcoming experience for the user.

A great challenge over the last several years has been to preserve the intended experience across multiple devices - desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Beginning with common sense design principles, small adjustments and accommodations can ensure that the presentation of pages works the best possible way on all of these platforms.

Seven User Experience Factors

  • Useful: Does the content clearly have a purpose and give the viewers the feeling that it is not a waste of time?
  • Usable: Is it easy to understand and avoid frustrations and misunderstandings?
  • Findable: Excellent and useful content does no one any good if they cannot discover or navigate to it when it is needed.
  • Credible: The information you are providing is something that can be trusted, not something contrived or manipulative.
  • Desirable: Does what you are presenting or offering have appeal, based on its aesthetics, branding, identity and design?
  • Accessible: An entire topic and industry in itself, website accessibility also falls under user experience. We must make certain that all of your customers have access to the information, including individuals with disabilities. See https://webaim.org/intro/
  • Valuable: The website’s perceived value to the user is a function of a high quality design, and can be judged by how effectively it solves the user’s problems.

Consider and test the user's experience with your website

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