Why are Promotions an Essential Part of Online Marketing?

An important tool for growing your business, targeted promotions draw in new customers - and repeat customers. By focusing on a specific product or service for a limited time, you have the opportunity to gain attention for your business, and to reach customers who will then come back repeatedly once they learn what you can provide for them.

A successful promotion must be carefully planned and executed. At Footprint, we can leverage our experiences with online marketing to give your promos the greatest chance for success.

Footprint will help you to answer important questions and build effective promotions

  • What is the goal of your promotion?
  • What are the top few messages you want to focus on?
  • What target keywords are associated with the promotion?
  • What content needs to be created?
  • What are the best channels to market your message?
  • After the promotion is completed, what worked and what didn’t?

Carefully planned promotions are a key marketing strategy.

Let’s brainstorm!

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