By Establishing a Baseline and Studying Changes in Analytics Data, Footprint Will Help You to Gain a Clear Perspective on Your Website’s Effectiveness

At Footprint, we know how important it is that our SEO efforts are informed by what is actually happening with your website traffic. To that end, we study both Google Analytics data and utilize special analytics tools to learn more about how your website is performing. From there, that information drives any needed fine tuning of your content and meta data.

Analytics also informs website marketing and promotions. Is your advertising campaign effective? How much did that email marketing campaign increase traffic to your promotional landing page? Are there areas where you could allocate more resources to improve your customer outreach and improve traffic?

Finally, understanding your website traffic can help in making business decisions, as you begin to understand more fully how customers use your website.

Footprint can help

  • Visualize site trends with graphs and readable charts.
  • Utilize data from leading programs and resources.
  • Consolidate detailed data into easy to read reports.
  • Share stats and trends beyond Google, including paid search and social media like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Use reporting tools to recommend improvements and updates.

Great content equals great search results!

Analytics Questions?

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