Auditing Ensures Your Website Continues to Meet Your Goals

Footprint can provide ongoing reviews of your website content and its alignment with the goals established through previous analysis and editing.

How Can Regular Auditing Improve My Website?

Sometimes people make a false assumption that website optimization is a “one and done” kind of task. Although an initial survey and application of good optimization techniques can be greatly effective, it is essential to continue to review and refine that work as web content needs change from day to day, and as markets also change from season to season.

Footprint can schedule and perform regular audits of your website to ensure that your content remains focused on appropriate keywords, and that any changes to content, new pages, etc. continue to have effective and consistent SEO tags. The chosen keywords can also be reevaluated by performing new keyword analysis reports.

Footprint audits will help:

  • Prevent your website content from stagnating
  • Realign your content to your customer-reaching goals
  • Find and repair web content problems such as broken links
  • Keep your SEO optimization up-to-date and consistent
  • Identify and optimize overly large images to minimize page load times

Great content equals great search results!

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