How Important is Email Marketing?

As part of your overall marketing strategy, it’s hard to beat a direct email marketing campaign. When you have a set of interested users who have opted in to your contact list, there’s a great chance that they will be open to your message.

As your online marketing partner, you can rely on Footprint to help you recognize opportunities and develop both coordinated landing pages and crafted messages that encourage your customers to learn more about new products and offerings.

Email marketing services such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Emma provide great insights into your customer behaviors and the effectiveness of your campaigns. Let Footprint help you get started and assist with the integration of these services into your website.

Footprint is in your court with email marketing

  • Provide experienced advice on choosing and setting up a service
  • Develop and design landing pages to accompany your email campaigns
  • Embed sign-up forms and calls-to-action on your website pages
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns for future planning

Email marketing reaches directly into your customer's inbox

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