What Makes an Ad Campaign Effective?

Online ad campaigns are essential to draw customers to your website where they can learn about everything that you have to offer. As a powerful complement to organic search optimization, pay-per-click and remarketing ads on Google, Bing, YouTube or social media platforms have great potential to grow your business.

But ads cannot stand alone - it is crucial that they are tied to carefully designed landing pages and driven by carefully planned marketing promotions that catch the customer’s interest, then educate and inform them so they are confident in making a purchase.

Not all advertising platforms are equally effective for every customer. Let Footprint help you identify where your customers are, and bring your message to them in a clear and compelling format.

Footprint ad campaigns will provide:

  • Ads in the right place to reach your customers
  • Accompanying landing pages to convert clicks to purchases
  • Cost effective ads to get the best return from your advertising budget
  • Flexible solutions that can quickly change in response to results

Paid ads can reach customers that otherwise would never find you.

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