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Why are Meta Descriptions for Pages Important?

Why are Meta Descriptions for Pages Important?

Jun 26 2020

When we audit our clients' websites for optimization, one thing we always check for is quality meta descriptions for each page.

Unlike the page title and the page content, the page's meta description is not a factor when it comes to earning a higher search engine ranking. Google announced in September of 2009 that neither meta descriptions nor meta keywords factor into Google's ranking algorithms for web search.

So why do we focus on the meta description for the page? Since there is a very good likelihood (though not absolute certainty) that search engines will show the meta description for the page in the search results, we care very much what the customer sees at that point. The meta descriptions can have a huge impact on a page's CTR (click-through-rate) on search engines, which can indirectly positively impact a page's ability to rank, and of course determine how many customers actually follow the search result link and see your page! This may be the differentiating factor between your search results and that of your competitor.

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